Monday, October 15, 2012


This account is already broke! 
it's the new one! 
thankyou! xx

-Ivana Novelin-

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blue Atlantic

long time no update my blog feels like missing something..
hmm actually i want to update this outfit next week on first day of September
but now i got bored and finally edited this picture then share it at my blog..
by the way i just met this quote from and they said...
"A girl should be two things,Classy and Fabulous - Coco Chanel"
and i'm super like with that quote and changed my twitter bio with...
"A girl should be elegance,classy and fabulous,because it's an attitude"
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(*however i look so damn fat in this photo! look at my cheeks!*) 

by the way i got this dress from ZARA and the stiletto from Pedro.
old clutch from Chanel and watch from Dior.

  thankyou for my photographer,Intan! iloveyou so much! xx

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Quality Time

there's a time when we are all miss our quality time with our old best mate, so me too..
had a quality time with my best mate Kelly and Elisabeth,finally we meet up after a long time we not met..
we sat at Sweeties and too bad, they didn't allowed me to take a pict with DSLR.. i'm so mad at that time,seriously.. and also envy with Maria  , she can took a lot of photos there! damn envy! :( and trying blue velvet and rainbow cake at Sweeties.. but i still prefer Dapur Cokelat for rainbow cake.. btw,thanks to Elisabeth to help me to took this outfit :)


dress - ZARA
heels - Charles Keith

Girls Night Out

enjoying my Saturday night with the girls,after watching Step Up Revolution at CW and then going to Sutos for sure.
really had a quality time with girls last night and enjoying at S*House Sutos.
really cozy place for hangout with your friends! really! nice place, and the employee help us to took a picture!
trying butter toast and roti tissue for our snack!and Grinch for the drink..
just check out the pict! :D
really recommended place for you,a narcissistic people! yay!

 (grinch *left* - soya cincau)

 butter toast

 (roti tissue *conical shape*)

 (mirror mirror on the wall,who's the most beautiful?)



Studded Yellow Shirt - Clicky Closette
Skirt - Dotty 

Friday, August 17, 2012


another quick outfit before i meet my best old friend,while she's on her holiday with her family..
finally will meet my besties,many stories and also *as you know gossip girls that i want to tell her!
we going to Sutos tonight! yay! so,i can't wait to meet you soon!
happy TGIF guys!

lace - glitters
skirt - selfish 
bag - mango
heels - charles n keith