Wednesday, March 14, 2012

why RED Stilletoes?

okay,i'm new in fashion blogger since i've deleted the old one 1,5 years ago.
i'm a student who love to capture moments,i love taking a picture.
i'm sixteen and a freelance model from surabaya
actually,i want to use but someone just use that address.
why red? because i'm like red,red are sexy and hot i think hahaha ,
and why i use 'Stilletoes' even though the real name is 'stilettoes
because i want different! and then i use this address 'red stilletoes' :)
i like Christian louboutin's stilettoes and Yves Saint Laurent too <3 i adore them.
by the way,i make this blog for tell my stories,and i want to share my style,what i've wear.

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