Sunday, May 6, 2012

finding Moustache on Calais

CALAiS - PINK is the new BLACK for bubble .
i think i'm agree with that statement,
we are bored with something black and try the new one pink for bubble tea/milk..

it's saturday night and as usual , we hang out to somewhere to overcome our boredom.
initially,we are goin' to TP because (me) want to watch Branded Fashion Show by Coach,Banana Republic,GAP,GUESS?,Rotelli,and MAP and LATE NIGHT SHOPPING it's last dayyy! :'(
but too bad,people was so excited with this late night shopping and i don't know why,6.30 o'clock valley service already closed !
we moved to GC and finally find this cute cafe with Moustache Symbols <3
this is one of my favorite cafe to take some pict <3 hahaha

they wrote something oh the glass and i've just read it.. 
my friends got 'You are Gorgeous' and i got this one text on my glass :)

this cafe

us! kevin,me,there,yuki,evan :D

it's me wearing bowler hat,orange blazer from Emily Boutique,Tanktop from Shopaholic,Studded Shorts from Selfish,Bag from Guess and another nude ankle boots from Charles n Keith.

one more,this is a cozy place to both of you to hang out with your friends and for you girls,if you one of the narcissistic person,you must to go there. and i think this place is designed for those who really love take a pict ! :D