Thursday, May 3, 2012

Häagen Dazs Fondue - Aldo - Surabaya Fashion Parade

HOT HOT HOT! this sunny day make us fallin' tired and need something cold like...
emmm let me think.. ice cream maybe? hmm okey that's good idea..
then we all goes to Tunjungan Plaza after school wearing uniform *okey it's unexpectedly* 
so we sat on Häagen Dazs store at TP,then order for Fondue Häagen Dazs <3 aww so lovin' it! 

and ALDO is now open at Tunjungan Plaza ! i've just heard it just now.hahaha
and first store in Surabaya , bought one pair of heels and confused to buy one more for nude heels! 
AH ! i just spent all my money for a pair of heels for every month?! =.=' 

Surabaya Fashion Parade Indonesian Culture Mix 
i want to watch it but who can accompany me? :( 
it's 02 may until 06 may of 2012 at Tunjungan Plaza