Sunday, June 17, 2012

Free Young and Forever!

yes,i'm free , young and forever.. what's means?
i'm free from my exams first *lol. then i'm a young lady who live in my extraordinary world. last,i will be and always be me forever,can't change to be someone else.

this is my second day i'm go back to my town,Banjarmasin..and it's so heaven to live here, thinking if my school moved here.. they food are so nyummy and delicious and will be missed if you leaving this town,seriously.

i took this photo at my home and it's actually 5.30 pm
then we went go out for dinner because it's a Sunday and of course a family time 

i wore 
T-Shirt from Bershka with Free,Young and Forever word
Pants from Guess by Marciano
bag from Mango
heels from Charles n Keith

 okey,,it's candid!

remember that i will be stayed at Banjarmasin for one month,*yes my school holiday are so long, and i bring my heels just 4 pairs.. so bad.. maybe i will take and post my picture with just wearing 4 heels only :( suddenly can't wait to wear my Bangkok Clothes! yes,i just bought some clothes from PO Bangkok :D can't post it soon! :)


  1. How gorgeous is your outfit! I love it :) I love the photos as well, what type of camera did you use? Its obviously a very good one :)

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    Georgia x

  2. @geiorgia : well, i use CANON 7D :) thankyou for like it ;) actually i just followed your blog :D

  3. My goodness, you look super gorgeous! Really love the whole outfit :D
    I'm following your blog, pretty! Would you follow me back? That'll mean a lot, thanks :D

  4. cute, pretty, as always ivana!
    love how your back is captured!

  5. nice bag :)

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    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  6. Pretty as always!

  7. lovely shirt!
    following you now,follow back:)

  8. you're unbelievably skinny and tall. and pretty. You've got a nice blog too! Now look at your google friend connect, I'm there!

    Summer Flounce

  9. You look so pretty <3

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