Monday, June 4, 2012

Green Land

so,today's outfit is green.
goin' out to have some dessert with my sis..
*yes,this few weeks i spent my day with my sis because she already graduated from her elementary school and accompany me here at surabaya.
yes,i offer my sis to eat rainbow cake,but too bad,and really bad news..
i came to Dapur Cokelat and told to the waitress that i want two slice of rainbow cake and she said... it's sold out until 5 May 2012.
okey,and at last,i tried Fruit Shortcake and DC's Choco and one ice chocolate.
the Fruit Shortcake definitely fruitylicious and totally impossible to resist!

new rings,Crocodile vs Snake
 heels from Charles n Keith
ice chocolate,fruit shortcake and DC's Chocolate

my wardrobe are from Little Things You Need and Charles n Keith,
captured with Canon EOS 7D with Lenses 1,8 Fix


  1. this post success to make me hungry at midnight oh gawd! :(

  2. Your photos are really well taken! and i loove your look :)
    The snake ring is so interesting, it has nails attached? Great blog!

  3. you look so thin and it's nice <3

  4. I love your rings & nails Ivanna (: (: (:

  5. nice outfit <3<3
    super love your rings <3<3
    well im from frateran too, check my blog if you have a time xx