Monday, July 9, 2012

is Karma still exist?

oh hmm,
sitting in front my Computer, don't know what to do.. so let's write this post :)
uhm,let me share this experience to you and for your lesson too..
i want to share my story :)
so,a few years ago, i'm in Junior High School, we are the six.. we are best friend as we said.. 
why i wrote with 'as we said?' just read my story here :)
yes,we are best friend.. for you know, in friends we have a trouble,sadness,happiness,laugh,love,etc..
we are so close a few years ago.. every day in school,when we had a break time we always together even we must to go to the toilet for together..hahaha
and this is the problem, i have one best friend.. she is so nice to me, seriously..
i'm so happy that i know her.. she always make me laugh,caring to me,and many more! for God's sake she is really nice.. i felt that i have one sister more...
i don't know what my problem, i didn't have any problem with her.. even tough i asked her for what my mistake, she always said that we didn't have any problem..
until now, i always think for whaaaaattt my mistake,for seriously i don't have any problem -___-" tsktsk..
*if you read this,just tell me,i'm so stressed about what my mistake sis.. xP*
as time goes.. my friend told to me that she heard about something bad from my 'best friend'...
actually in the first,i'm not believe her.. but not just one people talk to me,but yeah..2-3 people and i think manyy people know and they told about bad issue to me..they are nice,they told me about what's going on..and it's actually from her too.. oh God.. why you do this my best friend..
until my boyfie asked me that bad issue too! oh you are seriously?! you tell my boyfie with your slander too? :O
i'm so shocked to heard this,she just not tell about what's going on about me but she is a slander too,like two-faced & hyprocrite..!
idk what slander that she told about me to her friends..just God know..
why you do this? i just trust you,like a sister,because we know each other since we were in JHS..
thankyou God for wake up me about this situation,.. i know,you are so nice, really nice to me,seriously.. thankyou for everything that you gave to me.. but one things..
a just word 'sorry' can't finished all problem.. with all you did to me.. i'm forgive you,but in my heart until now  i just can dissapointed with all you did to me..
if i'm a bad person, i can make my 'best friend' have a problem with all her friend because my best friend tell me all about her friend to me.. but i think karma still exist.. for what i tell to all her friend? my 24 hours still not enough to tell this..not important yeah ;)
until know,we still friends ;) we are not an enemy,we still take a photo together,told our stories,gossip,hangout,etc.. ;) but i just dissapointed..
but,with this problem.. i know God give me an experience... don't trust 100% anyone,just trust their 70%..eventough they are your best friend.. remember,evil in everywhere,maybe your best friend have two faced,they can do anything as easy as turning the hand.. :)
because if i know someone, i always trust they with good manner no matter she is a bad person in public..
God know where the best and the worst... :) maybe now,you don't feel anything.. but tomorrow, God will serve you with 'anything' more fabulous than your did to me.. remember that Karma still exist.. so watch your step baby :)

so this is my story,i hope it's give you an experience too my readers ;) good nite! 


  1. OMG I was about to follow your blog cause I love your fashion pics. But then when I saw the text posts (ohmygod) I couldn't understand a damn thing OH MY GODDD... SERIOUSLY. Your grammar's sucks.

    e.g: "a just word 'sorry' can't finished all problem.. with all you did to me.. i'm forgive you,but in my heart until now i just can dissapointed with all you did to me.." ......actually the whole posts are wrong. PLEASE ASK YOUR ENGLISH TEACHER TO CORRECT THIS.

    I'm so sorry to tell the truth. But this is the truth.
    Please take some English course pleasepleaseplease. Please if you love your readers <3

    Kbye <3333333333

    Much love from the U.S

  2. Oh yeah I forgot to say. Karma does exist.
    Search for: Ludacris' daughter. Her name is Karma.

    Get well soon for your grammar.
    I'm still waiting here<333333

    kbye <3333