Thursday, July 12, 2012

Joan's 17th Surprise

ahaa! happy birthday happy birthday! happy birthday Joan :))
already seventeen years old yeah for Joan :D
always stay young and always pretty ;) :D
*ps : jangan mesum + jangan cerewet lagi! tambahin tuh tinggi! hahaha!

yep! it's my best friend's birthday :) we all gave her a little surprise :D yayy!
picked up my friends from their school, then bought the birthday cake at Ce Henny's home..
i'm already booked for Joan's bday cupcake one week before she is birthday :)
actually, we are so hungry! very hungry! decided to lunch first before give Joan's birthday cake..
but it is already 3 pm and we all have our own bussiness after gave Joan cake ..
so we went to the supermarket and we bought some flour,egg,soy sauce,etc for Joan..
and then we already in front of Joan's house and make an ingredient for our Joan :D 
after that we called Joan and surpriseeee! she's going outside and met us ! :D
today was so happy! gave Joan's surprise :D and now,my car smelled egg and soy sauce.. =.='

Reny!!! xD

blow the cake! 


the birthday girl

by the way, the cupcakes we bought it from ce Henny :) thankyou for make this cake ce :)
it's so delicious,especially for the cream! they are so yummy and sweet! ;) i like the cupcakes too..
maybe want to try the oreo cupcakes soon! :)
hey guys, it is just for Banjarmasin area hihihi ;) go booked at her now! ;) click here


  1. Looks like you guys are having so much fun! happy belated birthday to your friend :)

  2. Omg! What have you done to your friend?! Haha! But I think it was fun though. :)