Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wish Wish

hello fellows
one week no update my blog yeah,
i'm just coming back from my hometown,Surabaya and now i'm at Banjarmasin to spend my one week more before holiday end.oh I always feel sad at the last week of holidays.really!
i just finished to sketch my FAB clothes and.. can't wait to wear it with my SbyVogue members..
by the way congratulation to Karina Novia who winning my first give away:)

uh guys, i just have July Wishlist :

- more weight
maybe for 3-4 kilos, seriously, i just ate for 3-4 times/each day maybe five i think.. but i can't get more weight and can't faattt!!.. =.=" too skinny make me feel not confident,FYI i am 44kg and want to have 47-48KG for this holiday :( 

- more height
yes i'm basically 168cm and want to add more for 173-175cm,these are all i needed for.. and this holiday i drink a lot of milk with hi-calcium before swimming,and schedule it for everyday..come on nothing too late to have more weight and height baby <3 

- Galaxy Print Wedges , they are cute <3  super fabulous !

- Celine Trapezze
money money let's come to my daddy,so he want to buy me this one <3

Love Moschino Printed Fabric Shoulder Bag 
just want to bought it from but they are already sold out=.='

but i am on my target to save my money for something that i must to reach.. =.=' yes,they are more important i think, maybe i must to close my eyes for shopping schedule for this month*while it's a summer big sale in mall =.=' , later i will tell you about this 'important things' , but not now,maybe after i reached it.. as soon as possible and i will:)