Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Garden Maxi

another sweet seventeenth birthday party from my friend and it's a garden party at Bukit Darmo Golf last week..
seriously,me with friends lil disappointed with the dress code, while i'm just have two wedges and it's blue and orange only..
so i'm just pair it with my maxi skirt and lace halter neck.. simply yet but i love it..
but overall i'm enjoying the party with all of my friends! really had fun there! xD

(with girls <3) too many noise because took it from my blackberry
so pals,i'm so damn miss my blog too much! i miss writing my stories! really! this month is full of assignment and test..but now i enjoyed my holiday start since now until 26 August..didn't have my own photographer make me little difficult to take an outfit.. :( so sorry if i couldn't post my outfit everyday :( huhu

what i wore:
lace halter neck - Bangkok
maxi skirt - LN Hardware
wedges - ZARA


  1. cantik banget aduh meme ivanaaaa ;;)

  2. gorgeous!

  3. my super pretty ivana <3
    love maxi skirt mu beb :*

  4. woaahh .. super cool!
    I love your top and SURE your maxi skirt @@

  5. pretty Ivana <3