Tuesday, March 20, 2012

NudyNude OH!

okay,finally i can have a  photoshoot because my bestfriend Elisabeth came to Surabaya for short holiday,She is from Banjarmasin.
she said to me to help her to took a little photoshoot and i said that i want to have a photoshoot too.
i took this pict at Laguna, by the way i lil bit afraid with TomCat but i did'nt find it.
TomCat is *Insects which have similarities to wasps and looklike an ant,less than 1 cm in size,color black and the are shades of orange color*
and idk why people said it 'Tom Cat?' and where is 'JerryMouse'? read this if you want to know TomCat

by the way thankyou for Elisabeth,i hope she will college at Surabaya so i can take a pict everyday! yay! :D
*you will laugh if you read this abeth rawr

i wore this nude tanktop , 
blazer white from Emily Boutique, 
heels from Zara,
Bag from Guess 
and Cross necklace from Korean

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