Wednesday, March 21, 2012

RED-A symmetric

RED-A symmetric
finally i can wore this skirt,last day when i took this photo shoot ,
the cloud was so dark and i just can wore 2 pieces of my clothes,
by the way i can't wait to post my one day with my classmate XIS4..
i went to Jatim Park with 20 members of my class, 
i went to JatimPark on monday 18 march 2012 but all of the picture in my friend's camera (shafira). 
so i can't post it to my blog..yay! wait until she give to me all of my pict yayyy <3 

leopard top - bought at Bangkok
asymmetric skirt - Little Things You Need 
watch - dior
glasses - korea
peep toe pumps - pedro 

by the way i use my tripod and finally i can took a pict with my bestie and also my photographer Elisabeth,this is my last shot before rain came to us..zzz

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