Thursday, March 22, 2012

ScrapBook and everything

a few days ago,i went to galaxy mall with my friends,i lil' bit confused  where we must to go because don't have a plan at all.. when we walk,walk and eyes fixed on the creative store right in front of the lift.i ask to my friend to make a  scrapbook together.. and this is the material before i make a scrapbook during my LAZY HOLIDAY.. o ya,my holiday was so bored bored and bored because nothing to doooo.. i don't know where i must to go,i just slept all the day and go out in the night just for a dinner.. i want to back to Banjarmasin,but my friend are holiday too,they are holiday to they family and go to somewhere..
by the way i will post when my scrap book is finish :D i think it will be finish at April..

and my BF just go back from his holiday and he gave me some sticky! yay..he know what i love <3:)

by the way i've just bought some refill polaroid instax.. i bought new stained glass refill.. :D can't wait to  use it! 

and the last,people,,where i must to buy this korean glasses? i want it ><" if you know,don't forget to tell me!<3 thx.

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