Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Frequently Ask Question that you must to know

i don't know why people ask me why you make a blog? why? why? bla bla bla bla
and someone ask me like this , 'what are you post in your blog? why it just all of your photos there with the brand? are you want to show off with the brand?'
oh my God i just *sigh*... hellowww! that you don't know about Fashion huh? just read about another fashion blogg!!
one more, someone told me like this...'aw you're so lucky eh!you bought so many clothes and shoes..your parents just so good to you ya?' okey,FYI i just bought it with my own money and i hesitate to my parents to buy me a thing
FYI,my parent just mad when they came to Surabaya  
and they always said like this..'what?! You just bought a new heels again? Stop buy!you just can spend your money with an important things!'
btw, i don't have a credit carddd :'( it just to wait for a month until november and when reached my seventeen then i have my credit card :'( sucks ya! can't buy a things from online shop

and there is some question from many people and i will reply it one by one in this post!

1.Since when you start blogging?
-Actually i started blogging since 2010 , but it is just like an online diary and no fashion at all,just my friends know it,and i delete that blog. So,i make this new one and start it from zero again.

2.This is a Fashion Blog?
-Okay,i don't know it is fashion blog or not because i don't even post about fashion and about my look but about what i want to share to all of you guys.

3.Are you must to wear a branded things?
-NOPE of course i didn't.. because i don't see from the brand but from the quality and an unique that clothes and heels and one things,i just told you that i bought it with my own money so it is little bit confused if i spend all of my money for one branded things.but maybe at twice i can spend my money for a branded things .

4.Why you choose to make a fashion blogger?
-Because i want to share to all of you what i wear , and i just happy with taking a photo(i'm a narcism person),so i want to share it to my blog.

5.Who is the inspiration?
-okay , the inspiration from blogger too,it is.. Anastasia Siantar(BrownPlatform),Diana,Michelle Hendra,Sonia Eryka,JellyBeans,etc.

6.Are you always bought at online store?
-uhmmm,not at all,but just sometime.

it just done. maybe later i will post it again :) thankyou to read this post.