Sunday, April 15, 2012

Zebratoz by Marshall Rousso

another quick photoshoot today and it just from Marshall Rousso again..
by the way last week i went to the mall and planning to buy Steve Madden Zebra Pump.. but the size only have for number 6 and 8 , and the seven size is already sold.WTH.
i planning to match it with my zebra top! too bad too bad too bad ><"

click for hype :)

what i wore :
Zebra  - Marshall Rousso Las Vegas
Hotpants - Emily Boutique
Bowler Hat - Tiffany's Room
Ankle Heels - Charles n Keith
Moustache Ring - Chihuuy Shop

and i am love moustache now and want to collect them. i just bought a pin,ring and necklace moustache and they are from Chihuuy Shop

and thankyou to little Sarah for taken this pict. really love it ! xx