Saturday, April 21, 2012

Our Music Project from School

'take my dream to your heart'
YES that's our lyrics.we are doin' our project from school. we make a songs original from us.  
the songs title 'Bawa Mimpi'
told about someone who waiting for a love , she waiting for a long time and finally found him.
she didn't want if her boy leave her for a twice.

how to make this songs : 
first,describes an event between two people like enjoying time together,leave someone or breaking up.
write down , put the lyrics on the paper then read over it and see the changes to could make or find ways to make it better.
Find a tune for the song could go into try not to follow into a tune of a song we've heard before
and last see how it sounds try to make it a catchy tune or just something we can remember 

my group members are Elly,Yuli,Gabby,Hendra,Ivan,Jimmy,Rezal.
recording at Eternity Music Studio 14 April 2012 from 10 am until 01 pm.
so tired but fun.

here's the lyrics
Bawa Mimpi

ku ingin kau berada disini
menemaniku didalam sepi
menghabiskan waktu
hanya bersamamu
disetiap langkahku

lama sudah ku mencari
cinta yang selalu kunanti
kau buatku kembali bermimpi indahnya dunia

bawa mimpi aku kedalam hatimu
agarku bisa jadi kekasih hatimu
ijinkanlah aku selalu bersamamu
jangan biarkan ku sendiri lagi

you can heard our songs here:

(from left to right : ivan,elly,jimmy,me,hendra,gabby)