Wednesday, April 18, 2012

make Pudding

spend our 2 more days holiday with makin' pudding is just so fun!me,Jessica,Yuki and There. it's our first time makin' pudding FYI HAHAHA.. i just shocked when they said this is the first time they make it! OMG! HAHAHA then,we'll   go to Hypermart to bought the ingredients . they are Pondan Pudding *yes,we make an instant pudding* and then some fruit like longan and kiwi and the last nata de coco. Jessica must go back home because another bussiness so we can't take a pict together.

started to make pudding

 the chef,Yuki Macccc!hahaha


 making fla

TARAAAAA! finished! <3 nyummy!

us! the MASTER CHEF ! hahaha

photographed : ce Liberty