Monday, April 16, 2012

Travelling Dresscode

an another unique themes that i met for 17 invitation.... 'Travelling'
simply and everyone doesn't have to stressed to thinking about what they wear and to buy a new dresses!hahaha they can mix and match with they own!
it is Rachel's Sweet 17,she wearing red dress and so beautiful in that night :)
and the party goin' with selection of best dress code and another surprise that make us moved from her best friend and her sister..
and Rachel said the host called my name for the best dress female nomination.hmm.. i'm already home rachel =.='

so, i'm going to Rachel's sweet with Theresia, and too bad that i must to go home early because i drove myself and Surabaya is too dangerous now *yea,my daddy said that* so i must to go home more early.

so this is what i wearing : 
Tribal Cape - ReShoppe
Tanktop - Zara
Bodycon - Emily Boutique
Bowler Hat - DPS
Watch - Guess
Pink Heels - ClickyBoo Shopline

things that i am wearing 

the birthday girl!