Friday, June 1, 2012

Hello Summer

summer already! and it's means.. HELLO HOLIDAY..
i just colored my hair one week ago before H-1 i finished my exams..
i coloring my hair into reddish-brown and i love it.yay! i wish holiday never end,so i'm not change my hair into black again. hmm

back to the photoshoot,
few days ago,me and my sis goin' to have some photoshoot, the sun are so friendly with us,but still hot as usual.
this is my outfit for first day of Summer :)
batwing cape from ReShoppe
blue pants from luna maya hardware
ring from korean online shop
bowler hat from unbranded
heels from ClickyBooS

i'm trying to use my new lenses,11-16mm and this is the result... 'dark'

coloring my hair into reddish brown and i'm super love it
this shoes i made from ClickyBooS


  1. I love the outfit!
    Keep it up!

  2. Love the outerwear..such a versatile piece!

  3. You look so pretty with your new hair. Love the outfit also! <3

  4. Your reddish-brown hair looks so pretty <3 Love it!
    Btw, I'm holding a mustache giveaway. So glad if you want to join :)

    Stay Pretty, Evelyn.

  5. stunning with you pink heels baby! <3