Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sparkle Old Black Sequin

and know,let me show you to my sparkle black sequin.honestly this sequin dress is not new,it's been an old sequin dress in my wardrobe since i wore at my friend's 17 birthday party few month ago.
this sailor skirt was so old too,since i'm bought it when i was in 9 grade.
so,i have an idea and finally match my old sailor skirt with my sequin black.and it's not bad at all.. :)

let's check my photos :)
sequin black dress - Ayumi Korean Dress
sailor skirt - Ayumi Korean Dress
ring - Korean Online Shop
black glitter pump - ClickyBooS

back from my sequin
 trying to jump!jump!

 oh my Reddish Brown Hair!
 glitter heels from ClickyBoo Shop
 my new ring!